N.C. Trevino Construction, Inc.  

Noe  C. Trevino   CEO

History of N.C. Trevino Construction Inc.

N.C. Trevino Construction Company began as a sole proprietorship in July of 1998.

Noe C. Trevino has used his years of experience in all facets of construction to perform smaller jobs--and hire help as needed. 

As jobs demanded, he hired more helpers and/or sub-contractors. He continues to do all of the estimating, takeoffs from blueprints,

and figuring of labor and materials as well as some small drawings himself. He continues to be the project manager over all jobs.

 Over the years, he has done both residential and commercial work, interior and exterior, large and small.

The company became incorporated in June, 2004.

N.C. Trevino Construction, Inc. provides all types of remodeling –sheetrock work, painting, cabinetry, carpentry, brick and concrete,

 roofing, pressure washing and more. We have established credit with several suppliers so that we can readily obtain materials as needed 

and we own adequate equipment to do most any job or can rent equipment as needed.Mr. Trevino has been in this line of work for more than 

35 years in the Birmingham, Alabama area and before that workend in and around Houston, Texas.Mr. Trevino has owned and operated 

several different businesses over the years and has experience supervising as many as 75 employees. N.C. Trevino Construction, Inc

 looks forward to new opportunities in providing quality renovation and remodeling services to a variety of commercial and residential clientele.

N.C. Trevino Construction Inc.

2219 Vanderbilt Road

Birmingham, Alabama 35234

205-849-9876    205-849-7727 Fax


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